After weeks of work our game is finished, these last weeks we added lots of new art, sound effects and some new features.

There are few new levels and the Planetpedia is finished. There also was a lot of bug fixing and balancing these last days.

Here are our final builds:




[Dev] New features and bug fixes

These last 2 weeks I made a new level, made the bright star planet, which will damage you the closer you get. I made different difficulty’s for the endless mode and highscores.
I added messages to the tutorial level which will help you learn the basic mechanics of the game.
I also fixed several bugs with the small jump on planets and with the player rotation.


[Dev] Monster implementation + UI for mobile

Hey readers,

My focus this time was to implement the monster with animations etc into the project.

As I had no clue on how to deal with a mesh that has animations, and also using these animations as colliders, it took longer than expected. A crazy thing that happened is that the tentacles exploded. Literally. The colliders flew everywhere, mainly because the colliders where being forced by the animations to go through eachother. And it took a while to realise i just had to put them on a non collision layer.

Other than this no real problems, the UI tweaks went smooth (even thought I had to remake the whole thing). Problem was that in the webbuild the ui text was too big, but for android it was way too small. That is now fixed.


So that’s that for this week!


Vermeulen Igor

[Dev] New planets, pickup and asteroids

This week I made the healing planet which heals you when walking on it and a blackhole, which will slow down time the closer you get to it.
Also made a new pickup, this pickup is only for the monster to make it go faster, unless you pick it up first.
I made an asteroid spawner, so now you will have to watch out for asteroids flying through the level.

all the planets you can find for now, most have temporary art
Bonus: broke record of Igor